Carboxyl Acrylic Resin for Powder Coating

Carboxyl Acrylic Resin for Powder Coating

Product Details

    Carboxyl acrylic Resin 

Matting, reacting with epoxy 

1.Technical parameters 

Appearance: white to light yellow powder 
Softening point [℃]: 110-125 
Volatile content: ≤1.5 % 

2.Item Model 

Model: A6 A7 A9 A10 
Acid value: 80 140 240 350 

3.Use method 

No technical services for above products. We can also accept orders against customer specifying requirement. 


Store in cool and dry place. Keep away from fire and heat sources. Seal the package after operation. 


Kraft paper bag (polyethylene liner). Net weight:25kg/bag