216 accelerator test report

- Nov 16, 2017-

216 accelerator test report

1. Description

In the past, the old accelerator varieties such as 2-methylimidazole and cyclic amidine had a good promoting effect, but there were some shortcomings such as easy yellowing and influencing flow leveling, etc. 216 was an excellent promoter of comprehensive performance of Wuhan Yincai Company. Of the added amount can play a significant effect, and does not affect the level of yellowing, mixed, pure polyester powder can be used. To better understand the characteristics of this accelerator, we conducted a series of tests to provide a reference to the powder mill.


2 specific test results

Effect of 216 Accelerator Addition on Convergence and Gelation Time (Mixed Powders).

216 accelerator dosage






Gel time













No significant difference between the five sample flow level

Yellow degeneration

No significant difference between the five sample colors

As can be seen from the test results, with the increase of 216 accelerator dosage, gel time is shortened continuously, leveling and color are not affected.


216 applied to pure polyester powder gel time faster decline, add 0.5%, the gelation time is no increase in accelerators 1/3, indicating 216 pure polyester powder more effective.


216 Effect of Accelerator on Baking Temperature and Time, Test To find out the lowest temperature and minimum bake time for different loadings, without affecting mechanical properties. The result is as follows:


Addition of 0.15%, by 180 degrees 15 minutes curing down to 160 degrees 10 minutes curing. 

Add 0.1-0.3%, can achieve 150 degrees 30 minutes curing. 

Add 0.4-0.5%, can achieve 140 degrees 35 minutes curing, or 150 degrees 25 minutes curing.



3.216 accelerator application 

(1) Can be used on each powder to lower the curing temperature, shorten the curing time, and enhance the competitiveness of our powders. If the other manufacturers powder is 180 degrees 15 minutes curing, we produce the powder is 160 degrees 10 minutes curing, so there is a great competitive advantage. Proposed to add 0.15%. 

(2) If the duster production to speed up the duster speed, we can add 216 accelerator, so that the duster does not increase the temperature, baked out of the coating mechanical properties are not affected. 

(3) transfer powder to add 216 accelerator, can accelerate the curing and curing completely, favorable tearing paper. 

(4) wrinkle powder to add 216 accelerator, texture better, more bump sense.

(5) low-temperature curing, mixed powder does not change the original formula, add a small amount of 216 accelerator, can achieve 150 degrees or 140 degrees low temperature curing.



4. Matters needing attention

Polyester manufacturers in the production of polyester release material will generally be added to promote the polyester and epoxy or polyester and TGIC curing reaction, 216 is added in the production of powder accelerator, if the polyester manufacturer itself added Sufficient accelerator, then add powder to do when the accelerator will have no effect or conflict, so to go through experiments to determine whether the need to add accelerators, as well as the amount added. From our experimental test situation most of the polyester added 216 has a very significant promotion effect, there are a few polyester effect is not very good.

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