Advantages of powdered coatings for filing cabinets

- Jun 21, 2018-

Powder coatings produced by powder coatings manufacturers have many advantages, such as high mechanical strength, no pollution, energy saving and resources.


The powder coating relies on the principle of electric field to achieve its adhesion, and each metal diversion mark has a high pressure negative electrode, which causes the powder to have a large amount of negative charge when the powder is ejected.


The heating and curing of powder coating is transformed into a durable coating, which is baked in accordance with the temperature and time. If the temperature is low, the powder can not form the pattern. The powder coating is difficult to destroy the internal structure by the electromagnetic principle, so that the adhesion of the powder coating is very strong.


Iron and steel powder coatings have strong anticorrosion performance, and can not take off the skin layer. It can protect ship ships from the intrusion of salt water and ultraviolet light on the seabed, and also prevent the sea water from penetrating into the parts.


With the progress of society, people's environmental awareness continues to enhance, iron and steel powder coating is strictly tested by the state. This coating is an environmentally friendly organic product on the market. It is absolutely an economical and practical coating product. Our powder coating equipment is also being perfected. We have reason to believe that the powder coating manufacturer is used as a environmental protection coating. Material is the best choice for people to decorate. With the strengthening of people's environmental awareness, the coating industry has also introduced the latest environmental protection products. Powder coatings have been liked by people because of their excellent economic, environmental and energy saving. It has also become the first choice of coatings in the fields of civil and industrial buildings.