Analysis on the reason of the price increase of PVC processing modifier

- Jul 11, 2017-

Should be the broad masses of new and old customers requirements, today's small series to introduce the cause of PVC processing modifier ACR price rise, interested friends to look at it!

Higher crude prices led to higher raw material prices and lower corporate profits. As international crude oil prices have soared, PVC processing modifier ACR produces all of the major raw materials methyl methacrylate and acrylic ester high, downstream customers on the product price lag caused by PVC processing modifier ACR processing enterprise profits generally decline, 2003, 2004, the whole industry loss situation, at present because the price of raw materials to stabilize, the industry has emerged a good momentum of profit.

Although domestic products in the market competition has a certain geographical and price advantages, but compared with foreign products in our product performance, variety, stability and other aspects of a certain gap, this with our product formulations, processing technology (such as automation control and continuous production control), processing equipment (the application of large-capacity reaction equipment), as well as post-processing process (domestic widely used spray drying, the use of fluidized bed drying abroad). For this reason, some industry enterprises are fully aware of these problems, and have set up cooperative relations with research institutions, set up research and development institutions, and carry out research on plastic auxiliaries.