China powder coating industry present situation

- Dec 13, 2017-

As we all know,China is a very big market for powder coating.

1.The annual output is one hundred and forty million tons,accounting for 55% of the world.

2.There are 3000 manufacturers,and the annual output of 20 amoung them is more than 10 thousand tons.

3.The annual growth rate is 7.2% per year, and keep increasing because of the strengthening of China's environmental protection.

4. varieties: pure epoxy 20%, epoxy / polyester 30%, polyester /TGIC 30%, polyester /HAA accounting for 12%.

5. application fields: building materials 30%, general industry 20%, household electrical appliances 20%, furniture 12%, machinery and automobile 6%, function and anticorrosion 8%.

6.The average price of 6. is $2.7.

Since the output of powder coating is huge here,many factories need the good quality additives,thus the research and development of additives is very active now.Reply on our professional research team,YINCAI TECHNOLOGY develop new products continously,and try the best to provide best service to you.