Defects of PVC anti-scour modifier

- Jul 11, 2017-

PVC Anti-scour modifier is a polymer elastomer with certain compatibility with PVC, which can not only maintain the high modulus and rigidity of uPVC, but also greatly improve the notch impact strength and obviously improve the low-temperature impact strength. Because the blending process is simple and flexible, it gives the producers more freedom of choice and more economical, so it has been widely used.

However, PVC anti-scour modifier in the production and use process of easy cracking, bending resistance, low elongation, no resilience, seriously affecting the use of the product. such as plastic card buckle, plastic fasteners need to have a better resilience and toughness, plastic rivets, screws seat need to be relatively high elongation and toughness, not using PVC impact modifier can not achieve the use of functional requirements. Now many users gradually began to use PVC anti-scour modifier, improve the product life, by good results.

PVC anti-scour modifier does not affect the wear-resisting properties of PVC products, can be directly added before injection or extrusion stirring evenly, easy to use. In the case of adding 15% ratio, the impact resistance is generally increased by more than twice times, and the elongation of plastic products is increased by more than 60%, the resilience is improved and the low-temperature resistance is improved.