Development trend of powder coating additives in China

- Dec 20, 2017-

As an important part of powder coating,Powder coating additives play more and more important role in expanding the application field of powder coating. In 2016, the sales volume of powder coatings in China was 74 thousand and 900 t, up 3%, and the average price of all kinds of additives was RMB27.4/kg, which increased by 9.6% over the same period.

At present, the main application of solid acrylic resin in powder coatings is for extinction, most are epoxy groups and carboxyl functional groups, the main research focus is on extinction efficiency and extinction stability, including adjusting the monomer formula to achieve the required functionality and the glass transition temperature, adjusting the process to obtain a suitable molecular weight and distribution etc.Based on the current technology and equipment level in China, the most likely technology to break through is modify existing products to achieve specific application performance by using imported special monomers,such as super weatherability, super hydrophobicity and high toughness. Secondly, in the new polymerization process research, suggest the based production enterprises cooperate with universities and institutes ,integrate equipment business, technology research, equipment development, industrialization amplification and other advantages of resources,use the theory of the block polymerization, bulk polymerization, controlled polymerization to industrial production,will greatly enhance the quality and performance of products, expand product applications.

Currently, free radical solution polymerization is the main technology of solid acrylic resin polymerization in China. The technology is relatively stable, the equipment requirements are not high, and the quality of products is also not satisfactory. New production process, including free radical polymerization of pipe method which have been used overseas,active / controlled radical polymerization,and micro reactor height controlled polymerization of pharmaceutical and chemical industries etc,are expected to be in solid acrylic resin synthesis by application.In terms of new raw materials and products, mainly include the super weatherable acrylic resin with fluorinated monomer,the comb like molecular structure of large monomer, and acrylic resin with high content and multifunctional end group,high heat resistant and high toughness acrylic resin containing silicon monomer.