How to choose electrostatic powder

- Jun 27, 2018-

Now the country vigorously advocates the use of green building materials, and the relevant enterprises and institutions attach great importance to this problem. In response to the national call, they begin to pay more attention to the green and environmental construction materials.

As one of the many thermal insulation materials, electrostatic powder has no pollution to the environment and no harm to the human body. It is a real green environmental protection product. It is developing steadily in China, and many users are more interested in it. Although the electrostatic powder material is good, but not any manufacturer is quality reliable, we should pay attention to the choice of purchase, in order to prevent the purchase of inferior products, affect the work to produce unnecessary cost waste. The production process of electrostatic powder so that there will be a grinding process in the process of production, so there will be its own unique color and gloss in the appearance, after the grinding process, the texture is relatively delicate. Only by these two points can not prove that all of the reliability, suggest that before the use of the county, take proper amount in the interface on the test, see the color and texture effect can not meet the requirements, in line with the standard, to avoid quality is not good to increase the difficulty of the project.


All things have to have prevention, preparation, in the purchase of electrostatic powder products, the same, can not be blind, not careless, a choice in place, to avoid the future impact on the quality and progress of the project.