Improve the drench 101B

- Nov 15, 2017-

Improve the drench 101B

The following is to improve the floating agent and the original floating agent to enlarge


Improved Floating Agent Enlarge (Model 101B)


The original 101 floating agent magnified

From the figure we can see that the improvement of the effect of strong floating agent 101B stronger bumpy sense of strong three-dimensional sense of the sunken place relatively deep but not the bottom, the original buoyant 101 sunken not deep Not big.

Therefore, the improvement of the flourishing agent 101B has the following advantages:

1. 101B to make a sense of rugged strong strong three-dimensional texture, suitable for indoor and outdoor all kinds of powder coating.

2. Regardless of thin spray can be out of thin, to overcome the previous floating agent spray thin hole thickening the pattern becomes flat shortcomings, as well as different thicknesses of different shortcomings.

3. Furnace are good cold out of the pattern, warming fast slow are good out of pattern, to overcome the previous cold furnace and heating slowly out of grain and pitting pinhole shortcomings.

4 thin workpiece thick workpiece are good pattern, overcoming the thick workpiece before the lack of pattern defects.

5. Add a small amount, add 0.1% -0.2%, wrinkles better and uniform.

6. Another advantage of 101B is the stable quality, use rest assured.

        If you are using the process of floating agent appears three-dimensional sense is not strong, thick workpiece is not a pattern, cold furnace no pattern, and other issues can be considered to switch to our improved model 101B floating agent.

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