Key points of electrostatic powder spraying

- Jun 29, 2018-

Electrostatic powder is a kind of environmentally friendly and durable product, we should all know, but it is in the main points of the performance and construction of what is specific, we should not know, then I will explain to you.


First of all, when spraying, electrostatic powder is produced according to different materials, and different phenomena will appear in the process of spraying. In general, if the product team is relatively small, the effect of shot should be much better, then before spraying, when the oil show is removed, it is very thorough, it must be thorough or the follow-up work is difficult to do, and the effect is not good. In addition, the acid and alkali in front of the treatment must be in accordance with the requirements of treatment, can not be high or low scary, as long as it is according to the scope of its provisions, it is necessary to pay attention to the final clean, to clean up without leaving a trace, there are scars or bumps to be mended and smooth with the tools, this is very critical. Then, after spraying, this effect will be very good, very beautiful.