Market application of electrostatic powder coatings

- Jun 25, 2018-

Electrostatic powder coating has a history of fifty years in the coating industry. It is widely used from the first unknown to the present, which can not be separated from the continuous efforts and improvement of the developers.


At the first birth of the electrostatic powder coating, it was mainly to coat the surface of the metal. It experienced the changes of years and the progress of the society. At the end of the last century, people had been able to use electrostatic powder as a non metal surface coating. The market application of electrostatic powder coatings is not to stop this, but with scientific research. Continuous development and the emergence of environmental protection concept, through many experiments to develop both environmental protection and construction standards of "electrostatic powder coating", this coating has attracted people's extensive attention once the market is launched, so that the application of electrostatic powder coating in the market has reached a new height.


The electrostatic powder coating is now used to color the product by the way of static electricity and high temperature baking, which not only hinders the release of harmful substances, but also achieves the ideal coloring effect in the eyes of the people. Therefore, the market application of electrostatic powder coating will be more extensive in the future and has a bright future.