Polishing agent

- Nov 09, 2017-

Polishing agent

Polishing agent is a type of paint additives, the role is to reduce the paint surface roughness and increase gloss.

Polishing agent can reduce the paint film surface roughness and increase the gloss of a class of paint additives. According to the principle of action is divided into wetting type, leveling type and silicone system type. Organic amine derivatives and non-ionic surfactants are wetting-type optical brightener, and more for latex paint. High boiling point of the true solvent is smooth type light-absorbing agent, baking system and excellent compatibility, good degassing. Silicone or silicone-modified polymers are silicone systems that are used in paints such as air dry paint, polyurethane paint, epoxy paint, waterborne paint, and baking paint.

L701 Gloss Enhancer For Powder Coating

L701 Gloss Enhancer for Powder Coating