Powder coating material reaches the highest raw material utilization ratio

- Jun 26, 2018-

The utilization ratio of the raw material is high. The powder produced by some powder suppliers can be recycled and processed to make the utilization of the source material as high as 95%. It does not contain solvents or toxic substances, and is fully in line with the requirements of the state environmental protection department. The processed electrostatic powder becomes a coating, making it easy to use, transport and store. After processing, the coating adhesion, the impact strength and the toughness are better, the edge angle coverage is also improved, and it has the corrosion resistance and electrical insulation properties. In general, electrostatic powder coatings are sprayed on the workpiece by means of a spray gun or a spray cup, which is based on the principle of high voltage electrostatic corona field. The head of the nozzle is connected to high pressure and the workpiece is grounded, thus a static electric field is formed. Under the double action of electrostatic field and carrier gas, the powder is formed on the surface of the workpiece with a thin and uniform layer of powder, and then heated and converted to the film we need.