Powder coating matting agent typical formula

- Nov 13, 2017-

Powder coating matting agent typical formula


Powder coating can be extinction by the following methods: filler method, precipitation of incompatible materials, powder dry mixed method, mixed resin or curing agent method and network interpenetrating method. The above method either does not meet the extinction requirements, or extinction effect is not stable, or increase the production process, so the practical application is not common. The current extinction series of additives, you can use the existing production equipment and production technology, it is easy to reach the matting effect, which has been widely used.

Matting agent from the extinction mechanism to distinguish can be divided into: physical matting agent and chemical matting agent; from the way to add points can be divided into: before adding (mixing) and after mixing (finished powder added) two; from the application Powder system to distinguish, but also can be divided into: E / P and pure polyester two. A typical epoxy resin matting agent is B68, with the resin ratio of 10: 1; pure polyester type is acrylic resin 631, and low acid value polyester ratio of about 3: 1. To date, physical matting agents dissipate less than 10 degrees gloss and the chemical matting agents easily meet this matting requirement. The disadvantage of chemical matting agent is high cost, and some varieties of yellowing are not suitable for light-colored powder. Physical matting agent is not easy to yellowing, low cost powder, the disadvantage is not very good storage stability, the resin also has some selectivity.

1-- Matt: gloss below 10 degrees, the basic can be seen as matt.

1-3 - matte: gloss in the 10-30 degrees, called matte.

3-7 - Semi-gloss: gloss between 30-70 degrees, known as the semi-light.

7-9 - bright: gloss between 70-90, known as the light.

9 - gloss above 90, called highlight. The previously defined gloss is 85.

In practical applications, the difference between 3-5 degrees gloss does not matter. Important is the physical and chemical properties of the coating. And in the actual production and application process, the variety of raw materials, production and construction processes have an impact on the gloss.

There are many factors that affect the gloss, do extinction powder, the following factors:

1, different manufacturers of resin selectivity;

2, the mixing effect of the difference between the extruder;

3, extrusion temperature control;

4, the control of crushed particles;

5, spray thickness and baking temperature control.

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