Powder coating physical matting agent production methods

- Nov 06, 2017-

1. Depending on the use of the powder coating, products for indoor use are generally selected from epoxy and epoxy-polyester powder coatings, polyester powder coatings with high user requirements and weatherability, outdoor weather-resistant polyester , Polyurethane and acrylic powder coatings, and the choice of powder coatings curing conditions should be consistent with the user's conditions.

2. Film-forming system to determine the future, in the design of powder coating formulations, from the following aspects to consider.

 ① in the formula to add extinction effect of the filler, such as adding extinction barium sulfate,

Superfine kaolin, ultra-fine silica powder, ultra-fine mica powder. Extinction method has some limitations, plus a lot of filler coating appearance is not good, add less extinction effect is poor. This method is suitable for all resin powder coatings.

 ② add matting agent with matting effect in the formula.

Matting agents commonly used in powder coatings wax-type extinction

Agent and resin type matting agent. Wax powder plus powder coating dry powder flow is not good, the coating surface is easy to form a wax plus less extinction effect limit. Resin-based matting agents, although not as wax-type matting agent that lack

However, adding more physical and mechanical properties such as the impact strength of the coating is not good, and there are also some limitations. Various resin types of powder coatings have the following types of matting agents, i.e., matting agents for weatherable powder coatings can be used in indoor powder coatings, but matting agents for indoor powder coatings do not necessarily work in Outdoor powder coating. In recent years, matting agents have also been developed for matting extinction matting agents. The preparation and use of such powder coatings are relatively convenient. However, the smoothness of the appearance of the coatings is inferior to that of extinction powder coatings mixed with melt extrusion.

 ③ Adding matting curing agent in the formula,

This extinction method in epoxy and epoxy - polyester system extinction range, adjust the coating gloss is relatively easy, the appearance of the coating is relatively flat; from the cost of the coating, the filler and matting agent can not reach the user When required for gloss, formulators should consider the use of matting agents.

 ④ different reactivity of two powder coating dry mixing method.

The flatness and the fineness of the coating obtained by this method are not as good as those of the coating obtained by other methods, the coating film has poor stain resistance and the coating gloss is relatively narrow.

According to the users of powder coating varieties and coating gloss requirements, combined with the above extinction method to select the appropriate fill

Materials, additives, curing agent.

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