Powder coatings have four advantages compared with traditional coatings

- Feb 01, 2018-

1. Reducing environmental pollution

As the environmental regulation decrees the content of organic volatile matter (VOC) in the atmosphere more and more stringent, the painting industry seeks various ways to improve coating technology to reduce environmental pollution. After a long period of experiment and test, it is found that "powder coating" is the most ideal coating technology that can be achieved at present.

Powder coating without the use of organic solvent, water and other volatile solvent, so the powder coating for inorganic solvent coatings, greatly reducing the security risks caused by the solvent, such as the operation of personnel caused by organic solvent containing organic solvent poisoning; or because with organic solvents such as the fire. Since powder coatings appeared in five and 60s in the last century, there has not been a major safety accident caused by powder coating. Powder coating is a one hundred percent solid powder - like coating that can be fully automatically sprayed. The powder coating with over or over spray can be recovered and reused through the recycling system. Therefore, the powder coating can reach one hundred percent of the utilization rate, making the painting industry reduce the disposal of waste, and at the same time, reduce the degree of environmental pollution to a minimum.

2.Saving energy

Look at the energy cost of powder coating and liquid coating. Liquid coating because of containing volatile organic compounds, causing volatile volatile into the atmosphere; and there is no such powder coating waste, greatly reducing the use of electrostatic coating machine spits out the large amount of energy and a spray can be thick, don't repeat spraying, also does not need to be primed in the same film thickness under the condition of the coating operation using powder coating relatively quickly, can save time and cost. The static time (SettingTime) is not needed in the coating equipment, and the equipment space can be saved. In addition, the baking time of powder coating is also less than that of liquid coating, which can greatly reduce fuel energy, shorten the painting line, increase production capacity and promote the efficiency of overall production.

3.Excellent film performance

As long as directly sprayed on the powder coating after suitable pretreatment of iron or aluminum, surface coating of excellent performance can be obtained by baking, such as persistence, coating including abrasion resistance, impact resistance, adhesion, toughness, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. In addition to the above advantages, the outdoors powder coatings include high weatherability and pollution resistance. Especially for the thicker coating, the powder coating can reach 50-300 mu m at a time, and the leveling is good. It will not drop or stagnant when the solvent coating is thickly coated. In order to improve the versatile function of powder coatings, we can adjust the color, luster and surface flatness performance according to customers' preferences, even the special metal powder coatings and some special wrinkle powder coatings.

4. economic benefit

Because the powder coating is sprayed with the principle of static electricity, the coating equipment can be fully automated and need not waste human resources. Even if artificial assistance is needed, the coating staff can paint a good coating without long training. Powder coating is 100% solid component and no need to add any solvent, save packing and reduce storage space. In the process of spraying, if there is a bad part of the spray, it can be blown away with an air gun before baking, and then sprayed on it. Therefore, it is not possible to have the phenomenon of surface flow paint and drop paint, thus reducing the probability of rework rework. The solvent coating is about 60~65%, while the powder coating is almost 100%, and the powder that is not attached to the sprayed object can be recycled. Generally speaking, the use of powder coating technology can improve production efficiency and economic efficiency.