Settled in India! AKZO NOBEL, another powder coating production base, opened

- Feb 24, 2018-

Recently, AKZO NOBEL has invested 9 million euros in new powder coating production facilities to be put into use. The factory is located in Thane, Mumbai, and is the sixth largest production base of AKZO NOBEL in India.

As far as we all know,in order to serve users in India better and enhance user satisfaction, AKZO NOBEL strengthen the input to India local market in recent years.The newly opened Thane plant will improve the capacity of AKZO NOBEL's existing factories in Bangalore, and promote AKZO NOBEL's local market expansion plan. In addition, Thane new factory has added new product lines for bonded metal and functional powder coatings.

AKZO NOBEL CEO Thierry Vanlancker said at the opening ceremony, "India for us is still a high growth market, the new factory opened is an integral part of the company, the company's growth plan is essential, will promote the company in the country's manufacturing sector of the market position".

AKZO NOBEL powder coatings director Daniela Vlad also said in India AKZO NOBEL powder coatings business has maintained strong earnings growth, the new plant will play a key role in AKZO NOBEL's expansion plan, and promote AKZO NOBEL to enter the country in the northern and western regions of the market, enhance the service ability of market in the region.