The application of different kinds of powder coatings

- Jul 05, 2018-

In today's rapid development of the times, people have more and more requirements for the quality of life, which is reflected in all aspects of food and clothing, which is the most important aspect of living, and the family is the first respect for everyone. Therefore, in the decoration, the industrial development is also rapid progress, a variety of new materials are also. Gradually put out in the market. Powder coating is a new type of coating that does not apply to any solvent in the state of fine powder. The following is a brief introduction to the use of various powder coatings in the reproduction.


At first, the composition of powder coating is mainly composed of two kinds of components, which are mainly divided into heat and solid and hot plastic. Thermosetting powder coatings have better leveling and better decoration, so they are used for the common coatings and refrigerators for home decoration and decoration. External coatings for household appliances such as washing machines. Then it is the thermoplastic powder coating, because of its excellent solubility and wear resistance, strong toughness, and more used in industrial processing equipment, such as chemical equipment, metal mesh, and so on, because of its excellent anti-corrosion performance, can be used as auto parts, electrical appliances and other parts.