The main use of Platinum vulcanizing agent

- Jul 11, 2017-

Platinum Vulcanizing agent is mainly used in silicone rubber production, especially for the health performance requirements of higher, or low curing temperature of silicone rubber production. Mainly applicable to a variety of food levels of production, such as extruded transparent silicone tube, molded nipple, cake plate mold, etc. or used in power system engineering silicone rubber, can improve product physical properties and flame-retardant.

Features: c-100a and c-100b are platinum plus molded silica gel bridging agent, cross-linked silicone products can meet the requirements of the FDA: non-toxic, tasteless, high transparency and excellent Huang. If the product low molecular weight strict requirements, it is recommended that two vulcanization procedure. Applicable to mobile phone keys, pacifier, cake mold and other food-grade products, at the same time applicable to medical silicone tubes, water pipes, such as mold-free hot air vulcanization products, very high transparency.

Has the following advantages:

1. a vulcanization completed;

2. Does not produce any new low molecule, no taste;

3. Health level in line with FDA, SGS, LFGB and other certification, than the import of double 24, double 25 more secure;

4. Save time and power, improve production efficiency while reducing production costs;

5. Good dimensional stability and low shrinkage;

6. Mechanical properties are greatly improved. As a result of the addition of platinum vulcanization of silicone rubber, different from the original polycondensation reaction, silicone rubber molecule bonding between better, so that the product tensile strength, tear strength, rebound aspect greatly improved.