The wide application of polyester powder coatings

- Jul 06, 2018-

Polyester powder coating is a new type of paint in powder coatings. As powder coatings are more and more widely used in every part of our life, manufacturers are also trying their best to develop new kinds of powder coatings. The traditional coating construction requires extremely high construction skills, because the limitations of the coating itself must have good construction techniques to make up for it. The emergence of new powder coatings is not only greatly improved than before, but also enables construction workers to finish the entire painting task easily.


Polyester powder coating has strong adhesion, it is not easy to fall off, and the surface is also smoother. Moreover, its surface gloss will not change much when exposed to outside air for a long time, and its corrosion resistance and chemical properties are excellent. It is applied to many of the things we see everyday, such as electrical furniture in our family and metal tools in the office, as well as vehicles such as car motorcycles.