Type of commonly used leveling agent for powder coatings

- Dec 26, 2017-

There are many kinds of eveling agent for powder coating,such as polyacrylate, cellulose acetate butyrate, hydrogenated castor oil, polyvinyl butyral, silicone resin and so on.The most frequently used leveling agent is polyacrylate(liquid), mixed with silica or resin as a carrier and mixed into solid. The addition amount is divided into two grades, one is added in 0.5-1.5%, and the two is added in 3-5%.

For transparent powder coatings, special models are required to be added, such as Troy's 486, and 788 in the South China Sea, Ningbo. The best weather resistant polymeric flatting agent is PV88 leveling agent of Worlee. In the ordinary powder, the most cost-effective product is L88 leveling agent of YINCAI TECHNOLOGY.