Understanding electrostatic powder

- Jun 28, 2018-

Electrostatic powder as a kind of paint, its name is far less than paint, the use of more widely than paint, but what kind of electrostatic powder is a kind of paint, which is rarely known, but should be shared by everyone, here to introduce a static powder. The use of electrostatic powder began in 1950s, when the pronoun was "paint". But in 60s, especially in the 70 years, the paint industry was regarded as the scientific name of paint. The confusion of the name of electrostatic powder and paint began in 1980s. And with the development of the economy, more paint manufacturers have been established. It is generally accepted that paint and paint are two kinds of substances, and the two ones are simple to distinguish from water. The electrostatic powder coating is labeled as a label on the basis of "consensus" that people believe is waterborne paint. In fact, modern coatings can be divided into water-based paints and oil-based paints. Because of the great efforts made by the state to develop resin production, electrostatic powder is rapidly rising and has a bright future.