Use powder paint to bring you a green and green living environment.

- Jun 22, 2018-

1. Health and environmental protection: all kinds of additives for liquid chemical industry, such as film forming, dispersing, wetting, leveling, corrosion prevention and mildew resistance, are eliminated.


2, transportation and storage convenient: the ordinary paint contains about 20 - 50% of the water, and in powder coating, this part of the water should be added to the field, that is to say, this part of the water does not need transportation, and it does not need to be stored. In addition, when the temperature of transportation and storage is less than 0 degrees, the moisture content of paint is often frozen, but latex powder coating does not have this problem.


3, no preservatives: traditional liquid coatings, both water and bacteria food, easily contaminated by bacteria. Therefore, in order to prevent deterioration, preservatives should be added, while latex powder coatings are free from bacterial contamination. Preservatives are not required.


4, paint smell: compared with the traditional residual smell of paint, this coating can be quickly dispersed, that is to say, that is, that is to say.