What are the characteristics of PT-Gold vulcanizing agent?

- Jul 11, 2017-

Platinum Curing Agent Molding silicone tube and silicone profile than the traditional double 24 curing process silicone tube and silicone-shaped materials, with high transparency, tasteless, unchanged yellow, no frost and other advantages, especially to solve the black hose spray cream, blue products fade. and has passed the authoritative department certification and national Food hygiene standards Test.

Compliant RoHS standard. United States FDA, German LMBG and French DGCCRF safety standards. Products applicable to food machinery, medical, coffee pot, water heaters, bread machines, disinfection cabinets, drinking fountains, open kettle, hot bucket, rice cooker, frying pan, fruit pulp machine, such as mechanical products such as equipment.

Products in the domestic industry in a leading position, with high visibility, by the majority of customers trust.