what do you know about charge enhancer

- Feb 06, 2018-

The main components of the charged series are surface active agents, nitrogenous compounds, fatty acids, and some inorganic substances (such as metal oxides, etc.). These auxiliaries add the following functions to the coatings: increasing the electrification property of the powder, so as to make the powder electrification better and increase the rate of powder addition during spraying, reduce the electrostatic shielding effect, improve the powder on the edges and corners, and improve the conductivity of the coating. The electrified auxiliaries are generally divided into antistatic agents, charge enhancer and friction charged agents.

1.charge enhancer is generally used to improve the electrification performance of powder spraying, and the dosage is small. It can also be used to reduce the surface resistance of the coating, but the electrical conductivity is not durable. It is not suitable for permanent anti-static coating.

2. the dosage of antistatic agents is big, which can reduce the volume resistance of the coating and the antistatic action is lasting.

3. the tribological agents are generally nitrogenous compounds, especially for the spray gun spraying.