What is leveling agent?

- Oct 28, 2017-

What is leveling agent?


English name: Leveling agent, leveling agent is a commonly used paint auxiliaries, it can promote the coating in the dry film forming a smooth, smooth, uniform coating. Can effectively reduce the surface tension of the coating liquid to improve its leveling and uniformity of a class of substances. Can improve the permeability of the coating liquid, can reduce the brush when the spots and spots generated by the possibility of increased coverage, so that the film uniform, natural. Mainly surfactants, organic solvents and so on. There are many types of leveling agents, and the types of leveling agents used in different coatings are not the same. A high boiling solvent or butyl cellulose may be used in the solvent type finishing agent. In the water-based coating agent with surfactants or polyacrylic acid, carboxymethyl cellulose and so on.



The leveling agent is roughly divided into two categories. One is by adjusting the film viscosity and leveling time to play a role, these leveling agents are mostly high boiling organic solvents or their mixture, such as isophorone, diacetone alcohol, Solvesso150, etc .; another Is by adjusting the surface properties of the film to play a role, it is generally said that the leveling agent mostly refers to this class of leveling agent. This type of leveling agent through the limited compatibility of migration to the film surface, affecting the surface tension of the film surface properties, so that the film was a good leveling. According to the different chemical structure, such leveling agents are mainly three categories: acrylic, silicone and fluorocarbon compounds.

L88 Leveling Agent For Powder Coating


L88 Leveling Agent for Powder Coating