501 Power Agent Mechanism Of Action

- Nov 13, 2017-

501 power agent mechanism of action

Technical Information

Double-effect --- 501 additive mechanism of action

    501 is a specially designed cationic charged polar group with excellent charging performance improver, applied to the powder coating can significantly increase the rate of powder and to overcome the Faraday effect of spraying process. The mechanism of 501 electric charge agent is divided into two aspects:

    One of the functions of 501: to make the powder particles carry more charge. There is a strong electric field in the area of the high-pressure electrostatic spray gun to the workpiece, and the air is ionized to generate hundreds of millions of ions. The cationic powder particles with the polar group 501 electric charge agent are polarized through this area. Can capture more negative ions and bring more charge. For parts such as flutes, the Faraday effect is weak due to the Faraday effect (or electric field). In this case, the more charged powder particles can reach the surface of the workpiece by their own strength so as to improve the powder feeding in these areas.

    Effect of the second: 501 can significantly reduce the resistance of powder particles. We know that the dusting of the workpiece requires a good grounding, which is to allow the charge on the surface of the powder to better transfer the flow away, and 501 power agent can significantly reduce the powder resistance, so that the charge on the powder particles Easier to remove faster.

    Now why do you want to use powder power agent

    Now the competition of powder coating has shifted from its own performance performance of the construction, if the powder on the powder fast rate of high flute groove easily on the powder, is undoubtedly the most favorite powder hand and spray gun, such a powder in the competition More superior than others. At the same time, the price of materials is now higher. Some factories reduce the cost by adding more fillers. Adding an electric charge can make up for the negative influence of the fillers on the powder.

    Usage and Dosage: When premixed, add in 0.1-0.3% of the total amount of the formula.

    501 power packs are polyethylene-lined kraft paper bags, each weighing 25 kg.

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