Big Event Of Powder Coating Industry In 2017(1)

- Jan 15, 2018-

1, High-speed electrostatic powder color-coated steel plate" new product release

By March 18, 2017, the new product conference of "high speed electrostatic powder color coating steel plate" was hold by Shandong Kerui Steel Co.,Ltd in Fuoshan Guangdong province.

Kerui's powder coating line can achieve the 80m/min production speed by using advanced spraying equipment, can produce single side 25-50 mu m coating on high-speed production unit. This conference has caused the great concern of the whole industry chain of color coating board and the government.The big enviormental press from Goverment poses a severe challenge to the survival and development of color board production enterprises. In the severe situation, the voice of "powder substitute for paint" is becoming higher and higher in the color board industry.

2„ÄĀAkzonoble and Tiger have released a new generation of BT metal powder one after another

In mid May 2017, Akzonoble and Tiger have released a new generation of BT metal powder InterponD20153DBrilliance and TIGERDrylac 3DMetallics. The lack of decoration has been restricting the further expansion of powder coatings. The new generation of binding metal powder will be introduced.It greatly overcomes the defects of powder coating in this respect, and accelerates the process of powder modification.

3.CIMC trailer began to heave use electrophoretic + powder coating system

After years of project demonstration and feasibility study,CIMC trailer began to heave use electrophoretic + high weather resistant powder coating system.The aging data, appearance and physical properties of the system are generally superior to the traditional liquid coatings,FAW,DFAC,BAIC GROUP all followed behind.