Big Event Of Powder Coating Industry In 2017(2)

- Jan 22, 2018-

5、Varnish powder in action start

In response to the national environmental policy and regulation haze action, reduce the paint industry VOC emissions and improve the government and people of the powder coatings market awareness, Chinese Chemical Industry Institute of Specialized Committee launched special paint modified powder in action ", and held a" paint modified powder starting in action "in Yantai during the annual meeting, is committed to reducing VOC emissions, promote the continuous improvement of the environment.

6、The opening of Xidun - Qianjiang paint research institute

In November 5, 2017, jointly established by Guangdong Huajiang powder Technology Co. Ltd. and granule technology research center of University of Western Ontario- Qianjiang paint Institute officially inaugurated. Xidun-Qianjiang paint research institute as the first research institute of powder coating industry chain in China,at the same time a platform of transnational cooperation,will have a far-reaching impact on the whole industry chain of powder coating.

7. national standard "GB/T35602-2017 green product evaluation paint" release

In December 8, 2017, the national standard "GB/T35602-2017 green product evaluation coating" was officially released. The introduction of the standard not only has a positive guide to the development of the coatings industry, but also is of great significance to the environment and the people's livelihood.

In early September 2015, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the "ecological civilization reform overall plan" proposed ",which propose to set up separately at present environmental protection, energy and water saving, recycling, low carbon, regeneration, organic integration and other products for green products, the establishment of green product standards, certification and labeling system unified". In order to promote the development of green product evaluation standards, National Standards Commission issued a "standardization research project of green product assessment paint" national standard developed in September 2016, the national standard of the whole life cycle based on the concept of resources, production, sales, use and disposal of each stage of product life cycle, taking into account the resources and energy consumption less pollution, low emissions, low toxicity and less harm, easy recycling and reuse, health and safety and quality of higher quality characteristics. And powder coating is a non solvent coating product, in the process of production and processing does not discharge VOC, the real zero VOC coating products. Enter the list of green paint, deserved significance for the future development of major industries.

8. The business model of online sales in Akzonoble

In December 15, 2017, Akzonoble and Molbase made a aggrement about saleing 40 standard products under brand Interpon in Molbase mall.

 Interpon its brand 40 standard products in Mobei mall. The AKZONOBEL powder coatings and Molbase can be said to be a large-scale explore of online sale.For the powder coatings industry, the online marketing business mode has a far-reaching impact on improving business efficiency, accelerating industry integration and expanding industry impact.

9. Frequent price rises of raw materials for powder coatings

In 2017, the market price of the main raw materials of powder coatings rose sharply, especially in the second half of the year, and nearly all the prices of raw materials had risen, increasing by more than 20% annually. Since the threshold of the powder coating industry is low, product homogeneity is common to all known problems with supply side reform, environmental protection law, strict factory production, limited production costs continue to increase, the artificial influence to the rising cost of logistics, powder coating production enterprise to bring the huge cost pressure