BYK Chemistry Improves The Capacity Of German Additive Plant

- Jan 03, 2018-

Recently, the German special chemicals group Altana's additive and instrument supplier, American bike chemical, will invest 50 million US dollars to enhance the capacity of Gonzales plant in Germany.

BYK chemical plan to enhance the productivity and performance of the core products in its portfolio, especially the natural rheological additive Garamite. The company explained that the product has a thickening effect and can replace other solutions. For example, in paint, Garamite can be used for lightweight construction in cars, consistent with the core trends that automakers are committed to reducing carbon emissions.

The expansion plan includes several upgrades to the plant infrastructure and the launch of new R & D projects to build a natural rheology global technology center.

In addition, bike chemistry is still investing in China, the company broke ground in the Shanghai chemical industry park in July and set up a new facility. The Connecticut based company has spent more than 30 million dollars to build an integrated facility that combines R & D, technology services, logistics and management functions. At the same time, it will also lay the foundation for the continued expansion of the company in the Greater China and the entire Asia Pacific region.

The facility is scheduled to be put into use in the second half of 2018.