How To Choose Extinction Agent

- Jul 11, 2017-

Choosing a suitable matting agent is determined by many factors. such as dry film properties, the requirements of transparency, paint film smooth, scratch resistance and weather resistance. such as the application of characteristics, such as viscosity, resistance to sink, the degree of dispersion and gloss consistency. In the process of coating processing, excessive grinding, dispersion of good and bad, but also to be taken seriously. [1]

Selection of extinction agent under different performance requirements

1. Ideal extinction efficiency

1 Select the product with a larger average grain size. The greater the average particle size of extinction agent, the higher the extinction efficiency. But if the particle is too large, will lead to the surface of the film too rough, affecting the feel and appearance.

2 Choose the higher porosity (pore) products. The greater the porosity, the higher the content of the unit weight powder, the better the extinction performance.

2. Ideal Transparency

1 Select the product with a smaller average grain size. In the case of the same amount of additive in the formula, the smaller the average particle size of the extinction agent, the better the transparency of the film, but the corresponding extinction efficiency will also be reduced, it is necessary to point out that the fine powder content is too high, the transparency will have a negative impact.

2 Surface treatment. Because of the different types of matting powder surface treatment, it will affect the wettability and dispersion of the substrate, which will affect the transparency of the film. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the matching between matting powder and base material, which can be improved by adding wetting and dispersing additive. At the same time also need to pay attention to whether there are other factors leading to the opacity of the film, such as poor compatibility of additives or poor pigments.

3. Ideal smoothness effect

1 The surface is usually treated with an organic matting agent, the handle will be better than no treatment.

2 particle size and diameter distribution. In general, the finer particles of matting agent, in the paint film, the more delicate feel. The narrower the particle size distribution, the smaller the large particles, the better the feel of a certain degree.

4, the ideal suspension

In general, the extinction agent with the coating time of the extension, will be in a certain extent, stratification and precipitation, the surface of the organic treatment of products will be better. Therefore, in the formulation design, we should consider how to avoid the precipitation of matting powder, fill in the appropriate anti-immersion aids.