Low Demand Of Domestic Titanium Dioxide Of Powder Coating,enterprises Adjust The Market By Limit Produce

- Dec 27, 2017-

December is the traditional off-season,the market demand is weak.In the past,manufacturers are at a melignant competition situation,and now titanium dioxide enterprises to adjust the market price and managment method according to their market price and operating method to make the stability of titanium dioxide.Domestic titanium dioxide business relatively smooth, some regions don't produce much because of air pollution in Winter.60% companies start producing,stock is low,the market stay stable in the end of this year.

At present, the whole market is in an adjustment phase, the paint industry showed a lack of confidence.Most downstream buy goods according to their actual demand,and the others aimed quantity by low price because of the end of refunds,but this don't affect the main trend.

In the case of weak market demand, there are titanium dioxide manufacturers rather bluntly cut than cut prices, because the prices will out of controll you cut once! This makes writer remembered commonly managment method of cutting produce to match market demand in International market,which prove enough that our domestic titanium dioxide goes more rational and get rid of vicious competiton now.

Titanium dioxide market is going to nomarlity of the enterprise adjust the market price according to its own situation, rather than the rational normal.If an industry just competes with the low price, it can only be "starving to death, walking together, killing oneself, and killing the enterprise". Such competition is not in line with the direction of supply side reform, and the market outcome can only be eliminated by low price. The current competition should be product quality, market competition, management competition and marketing level competition, so that market competition can truly reflect the norms and orderly fairness of the industry.