Matting Agent And Matting Curing Agent On The Role Of Powder Coatings

- Nov 06, 2017-

In the powder coating formulations, matting agents through the physical effect, matting curing agent is a chemical reaction, so that the powder paint coating extinction additives.

    Matting agent matting effect is mainly through the matting agent and poor compatibility between the film-forming material generated, mainly the physical role. Extinction by physical methods also use extinction filler, such as matt barium, kaolin, wollastonite, etc .; also can be used matting resin method is also effective. This physical extinction method has a narrower extinction range. In particular, extinction with extinction fillers can only be applied to areas as low as 60% (60º).

    Extinction curing agent extinction principle is the use of two different reactive curing agent system, due to one of the curing reaction system, reaction speed, the other system of the curing reaction activity, the reaction speed, the two powders Differences in reaction speed between the film-forming system and the compatibility of the two reaction products result in a matte coating film having a rough surface with diffused and diffused light and a poor reflection. In the curing reaction, the two reaction systems produce interpenetrating network structure, so that the coating film extinction also has a relationship. Extinction curing agent matting agent is a special species in the powder coating process, as part of the curing agent involved in chemical crosslinking reaction, through the resin, curing agent (or curing resin) and matting curing agent dosage adjustment, coating Film gloss easy to control, gloss coating stability, gloss control a wide range.

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