Powder Coating:Be New Favorite In The Industry Because Of Low-carbon Environment

- Dec 15, 2017-

Recently,the Environmental Protection Bureau of Guangdong province announced the "2017 Pearl River Delta regional ozone pollution prevention and control the implementation of the special action plan (Draft)", put forward specific requirements for VOCs field emission coating, intends to take the peak production, limited production, discontinued measures of paint enterprise, in order to strengthen the control of VOCs emissions in the Pearl River Delta, curb the ozone pollutionthe in 2017 autumn,dropped ozone concentration into the channel, to improve regional air quality.

In fact,as the key area of VOCs emission reduction, the paint industry is very difficult to manage, especially in the use of links, such as steel structure, containers, ships, fence nets, traffic marking and other outdoor operations, the VOCs terminal governance is very poor. Although government departments are pushing for the use of new materials such as waterborne coatings and implementing the "ban on oil" for organic solvent coatings, the traditional solvent coatings still occupy half the market share.However, the innovation pattern of the coatings industry in China has begun to improve, and the application of new materials and technologies in the coating industry is on the rise continuously. The data show that the output of China's powder coating industry reached 1 million 700 thousand tons  in 2016, up 13.4% from the same period. Because the powder coating is solvent free, pollution-free, recyclable, environmental friendly and energy saving, it has become the industry's "new favorite". Many scale coatings enterprises are planning the layout of VOCs zero emission powder coating area.

At present, powder coatings have been widely applied in the fields of household appliances, automobile wheels, metal doors and windows and so on. The market share of the industry has been rising. Up to now, it has reached about 10%. I believe that in the near future, with the technological bottlenecks of powder coatings constantly breaking, we will have a good tomorrow.