The Role Of Silicone Curing Agent

- Jul 11, 2017-

The so-called silicone curing agent, containing the main ingredient is double 25; We don't care what it is. The ultimate purpose of the vulcanizing agent is to add the components to the silica gel mixing evenly after the injection into the mold in the temperate zone vulcanization molding.

Mainly to make silicone rubber under certain conditions vulcanization of a product, silicone does not add vulcanizing agent can not be made, so to make silicone lined up, vulcanizing agent is a necessity, vulcanizing agent There are many kinds, for different products and customer needs of different, vulcanizing agent is not the same, do good manufacturers will be based on customer demand slicing finer, so targeted, reduce the customer's cost at the same time, so that the customer's products to achieve the best results.