The Role Of Various Industries Matting Agent

- Nov 07, 2017-

The use of polyacrylamide, film material made of a new type of leather matting matting agent known as matting powder.

Because of the dark color, the surface of light-colored disability, deep disability leather grain repair, you can hiding strong, play a very good injury effect. It is not necessary to formulate with other soft leather materials at the same time, so it can be simply used directly for "spot coating" or "brushing" to make it simple and simplify the traditional using method.

Now the manufacturing process becomes simple, and raw materials easily available, it is easy to form a mass production and promotion of use, to meet the needs of the leather industry. Which can be divided into oily matting powder and water extinction powder.

Widely used in a variety of latex paint industry, interior and exterior paint, resin paint and polyester paint and other coating systems. Application of paint, paint, the coating surface gloss can be balanced to control and increase the abrasion resistance and scratch resistance of the coating, clean the air, deodorant, dehumidification, noise, waterproof and heat insulation, permeability performance is very good.