Use Of Vulcanizing Agents

- Jul 11, 2017-

1. vulcanizing Agent

In neoprene, sulfonated polyethylene rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, NBR, isoprene rubber, butyl rubbers, brominated butyl rubber, acrylate rubber, silicon rubber and rubber and other special rubber, as an auxiliary vulcanizing agent, can significantly improve the association performance, improve heat resistance, suitable for high-temperature vulcanization system, reduce the compression of permanent deformation is very obvious, but also reduce the amount of peroxide, to prevent the rubber material in the process of burning, improve the rubber and curtain line and metal bonding strength.

2. Anti-Coke agent

The product is a sulfur-free vulcanizing agent, used in cable rubber, it can replace the thiazole, Autumn lamb, such as all sulfur-containing vulcanizing agent, to solve the copper wire and copper appliances due to contact with sulfur sulfide to produce copper sulfide pollution black problem.