What Is The Role Of Matting Powder, How To Determine The Amount Of Added?

- Jul 11, 2017-

Matting powder has been widely used in paint coatings because of its effect on reducing the gloss of coating film and eliminating light (matte). At present, there are many brands of matting powder in the market, and the quality of domestic brands and imported brand products is uneven. Different brands of matting powder, its extinction effect is different. More well-known import brands have Germany Degussa, the United States Grace, Japan, such as East Cao. What problems will the matting powder encounter in use? Here's a quick description.

1. What is the role of matting powder for paints? As the name implies extinction effect, and can enhance scratch and wear resistance, there is a certain deodorant to wet action, waterproof insulation, increase the permeability of paint and so on.

2. In the interior wall coating added matting powder can control the brightness of the interior wall paint. In general, the addition of matting powder does not have a certain standard, different manufacturers control the concentration of different, will affect the amount of additives. The greater the amount of matting powder, the darker the brightness. Specific ratio, according to the different levels of paint brightness added. If the color masterbatch with matting powder, the amount of the addition is generally 6%. This indicator is only a reference amount, the specific added how much still need to be based on the formulation of the paint and product requirements to make. In the UV coating, the addition of 5-8 can produce half matte effect, if the need to continue to increase the amount of whole Asia. Customers can have more of their own needs to adjust the formula.