Gloss Enhancer For Paints

Gloss Enhancer For Paints

Product Details

Gloss Enhancing Agent L701

L701 is the specially designed agent made by modified acrylic ester. It can accelerate the application of leveling agent, and make surface bright and flowing.


1.  Technical parameters

Appearance:       light white crystals

Softening point:  95-125 ° C

Solid content:      ≥99%

2.  Application

Used for all kinds of thermosetting powder coating.

3.  Use method

Dosage: 1%. Mixed with other materials and extruded. Co-use L88 Leveling agent can eliminate pinholes.

  4.  Characteristics

1. The surface of coating used with L701 is bright and smooth just as coated with a layer of polishing oil.
2. It helps to immerse the polar materials such as pigment and filler totally in the object (work piece) and has a good ability of adhesion.

3. It can prevent cratering; promote the gloss and flowing of coating.

4. L701 must be used together with Leveling Agent. (It can’t be replaced as leveling agent)

5.  Storage

   Store in cool and dry place. Keep away from fire and heat sources.

6.  Packaging.

   Kraft paper bag (polyethylene liner). Net weight: 25kg/bag