L307 Degassing Agent for Powder Coating

Product Details

Degassing Agent L307

Degassing Agent L307 is a wax appearance modifiers, has a good effect on degassing and anti-foaming. It can replace Benzoin to eliminate bubbles and pinholes. Its principle is, during the process of wax-based substance moving to surface, makes gases adsorbed on porous substrates or the water vapor of coating itself emerge, so it can play a role in degassing and eliminating pinholes. L307 also has a good characteristic of anti yellowing.

1.Technical parameters 

Appearance: white powder
Melting point: ≥130℃
Volatile content:≤0.5%


Used for all kinds of thermosetting powder coating.

3.Use method 

Dosage: 0.4- 1%. Mixed with other materials and extruded.


1. Usually dosage could be 0.4-1%, when adding 0.8% can obtain very smooth surface.
2. L307 can replace conventional benzoin with non-yellowing
3. L307 can made the powder more loosen and anti-caking.
4. When adding L307 in Hammer Tone powders can obtain strong three-dimensional effect


Store in cool and dry place. Keep away from fire and heat sources. 


Kraft paper bag (polyethylene liner). Net weight: 25kg/bag