L961 Specific Defoaming Agent for Powder Coating

L961 Specific Defoaming Agent for Powder Coating

Product Details

L961 Specific Antifoaming agent

used for powder coating defoaming , eliminating pinholes


L961 is kind of mirconization antifoaming agent which can help reduce system melting viscosity and adsorb small molecule bubble to obtain defoaming results. It can be used for porous surfaces and promote the smoothness of the coating.

1. Technical parameters

Appearance: white powder
Density: 0.94

2. Application

Used for all kinds of thermosetting powder coating

3. Use method & Characteristics

1.  Premix: Mixed with other materials and extruded with dosage 0.5%-1.5%
2.  Dry blend:  Also can dry blend with dosage 0.5%-1%, co-use premixing and dry blending results will be better.
3.  L961 used for porous surfaces which help eliminating pinholes and bubbles, defoaming result is good.

4Storage and Packaging

Store in cool and dry place. Keep away from fire and heat sources. Kraft paper bag, Net weight: 20kg/bag



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